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F1600HL / F1600

The Baoji/Bomco F1600HL Triplex mud pump has a max. working pressure of 7,5000PSI and a displacement of 46.5L/S with 6" liner size. This model is the first choice for the medium and deep drilling rig. The F1600 triplex has a max. working pressure of 5,000 PSI and a displacement of 46.5L/S with 7" liner size.
The F-series mud pumps are rated at longer stroke (12") and <a href=http://www.cheapwatchesonsale.co.uk/>replica iwc watches</a> relatively low stroke per minute, thus they can increase the service life of <a href=https://www.swissreplicawatches.co.uk/>swiss replica watches uk</a> expedible parts of fluid end assembly.
12" flange suction. 5" flange discharge. Approx. weight 54,660 lbs. API-7 valve-over-valve assembly.

Item # P/N Description Quantity Required Quantity Requested
10001 BOMCO F1600HL FLUID ENDS (7500 PSI) 0
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